Friday, October 7, 2011

A Fish House Farewell (on painting with nostalgia)(SOLD)

I never took much percentage in nostalgia. I have always had enough in front of me to spend much time looking back. I was, however, a bit nostalgic learning this old fish house in Wanchese had succumb to the elements and finally the wrecking ball. She is gone now, a victim of neglect. I have painted her before, 
(in the past), but no more.
"Ode to the Fish House"
a poem by Rick Nilson
Oh, my old fish house. Sitting so patiently, while I painted you, alone in my studio.
Never asking to have your roof fixed or your windows caulked while I painted you, alone in my studio.
Now I shall paint you again, alone in my studio.
Never more.
Never more.
Jeese how cheese!
Oil on canvas 16"X16"
This painting is sold


martinealison said...

Une publication émouvante... Une toile merveilleuse... Une seconde vie pour cette maison grâce à vous.

Anonymous said...

I'm always sad to see buildings go that I remember being in a place for years. Love the way the sunlight hits the back end of that red boat, Rick!

Susan Roux said...

And a poet too... Who knew?



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