Friday, June 10, 2011

Yaupon Eaters (SOLD)

 I have painted this house once before and recalled the story of first European settlers on Hatteras Island. The living was easy on Hatteras island in the 17 and 18th century and with little or nothing to do, except fishing and hang out with the local women and eat yaupon berries for fun. There were no swimming pools or other amenities that today are a must for any savy vacationer. (A hearty bunch.) John White wrote in his accounts about these guys and refereed to them as "Kinnakeeters".
The name stuck and to me they will always be,
"..Kinnakeeters, Yaupon Eaters."
oil on canvas 11"X14"
This painting is sold.


AutumnLeaves said...

What is a yaupon? LOL I love the palette especially in this one, so relaxing and mild on the eyes. Fits my idea of your description of this place!

Linda Popple said...

Love the colors, especially in the shadows. Another great painting!



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