Sunday, January 24, 2010

Girls on the Dune

I think everybody that has done more than 2 paintings has had a trainwreck. With mixed emotions we watch our hopes and dreams vanish one by one across the canvas. And when we have lost all our hopes and all our dreams have died, we look for something else to fill our lives.  I host a painting workshop in my studio. One of the ladies that paints with me showed me a painting that we both begrugingly loved. She looked at me and said,...."yeah, its a real trainwreck, isn't it." "Indeed....good call" I said. "That artist gets big money for those." She said. "Oh" I said. "yeah" she said.
 This is Number One of a series I will call my "Trainwrecks in SloMo"
Thanks for looking. I am still painting on this.
Oil on canvas 10"X24"


Rick Nilson said...

AL, (Shirley Massey) left a comment I deleted. Sorry AL. She wanted to know what makes this a trainwreck. The price is the only clue, hopefully.

Bruce Docker said...

I like your paintings, entertaining writing, too. That is an added bonus.

AutumnLeaves said...

No worries, Rick. I think my husband often deletes my comments too! LOLOL I love the carefree feel of this one!

Delilah said...

Rick, I like the painting. I stopped judgeing my own work and let the buyer decide what is a wreck.Thw really bad stuff just get tossed no hope LOL.
I am so glad I went to the outter banks it gives me a feel for the painting. I am a Lake MI dunes climber from way back.

Rick Nilson said...

Hey there Delilah,

I can't rely on those fools to be judging if its a trainwreck. For goodness sake.

Kay Crain said...

If it's truly a trainwreck, I wipe it down that day and start over or paint something else. If it gets finished, I have found that ones i'm just ready to paint over get purchased. My husband now tells me to find a painting in the stack i really don't care for and think really hard about painting over it to see if someone will buy it. ha.



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