Monday, August 24, 2009

Wavey Gravey (SOLD)

oil on canvas 10"X14"
Please read the comments under this painting.


Lydia said...

I just spent the week in Duck with my art group from N. Va. painting and gallery hopping. Great time had by all. Its my 1st exposure to your work and its great. I had to have one and couldn't decide which one to buy but this one had a light on it that made it glow. For anyone who hasn't seen your work, the photos do not do it justice. Your use of color is wonderful. One of these days I hope I'll have a chance to take one of your workshops.

Rick Nilson said...


You are very kind. I hope you enjoy my painting. Thank you.


Kathy Jorgensen said...

I'll second Lydia's sentiments! Also Rick's titles comments are quixotic and unique.



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