Saturday, July 25, 2009

Fortunate Son (on Mud Creek)

If you follow my blog then you know this is Bitter Lake, south of Waubay, SD. If you hope to survive on Bitter Lake, bring your best game. In the lower right corner you can see a house sitting in the lake. This is the case with a lot of farm buildings and farm land in northeastern South Dakota. Great if you are a duck. The sheep painting above is from Dar Peckham's place down by Mud Creek. I spent an afternoon following Mud Creek with my siblings "hunting" for sheep.
Mud Creek flows to the west a few miles south of Bristol, South Dakota. Mud Creek flows into Amsden Dam. I fished and swam there as a child. Amsden Dam flows west to an already swollen James River east of Aberdeen, South Dakota. I believe that the James River drops approximately 6" from Aberdeen to Yankton, a distance of probably 150 "river miles" and thats pretty flat.
washes of oil on canvas stained crimson
oil on canvas 20"X20"

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