Wednesday, April 16, 2008

BANG BANG (painting with remiss)

Two bucks by the lake. Take careful aim. Do not miss. Your bullet may ric-o-che, and kill somebody! Take a deep breath and say goodnight. Acrylic on canvas 36"X24".This painting is no longer available.


Jennifer Young said...

Don't like that title at all:-( But.... beautiful painting. I love the way the tree shapes echo the antlers. Very lyrical piece.

Rick Nilson Fine Art said...

Thanks jennifer young. I am trying get behind "very lyrical". I almost painted out the trees over the deer because it looked a little like vertical antelers. The perils of wildlife art.

Jennifer Young said...

Well, I think "echo" is different from "mimic". The shapes relate to each other but they don't repeat. Leave the trees....Or else, Bang Bang!

Anonymous said...

the title makes ashley laugh



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