Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Gifts (SOLD)

What beach town would be complete without someplace to buy your aunt Edna a gift. She will be walking the dog everyday while you are smearing sunscreen in all those little places. God gives us all gifts. I think one of mine was this satori about brushes and canvas.
Acrylic on linen. 16"X12" (SOLD)


Jennifer Young said...

You know, those telephone poles and wires are beginning to look like your signature. They give an interesting abstract division to the space. Thanks, btw, for your wonderful words about me and my blog. It's been great cyber meeting you. On my blog I sometimes feel like I'm just blathering on and on. Okay, sometimes I am! But any way, it's nice to know I have an occaisional reader. :-)

rick nilson said...


The poles are just there. Its the puppies with playful souls and hot bellies that is my signature. Like the ones asleep in the back of the pickup bed.

Debbie said...

You are definitely better than Cholla the painting horse - he's freer and less constrained with his colors, though - but randomness doesn't necessarily imply talent.... :-)
Nice job!



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