Saturday, November 9, 2013

Lovee and Shirley


This thing is starting to drag on a bit. I may just admit this got the best of me and move on.
So far mostly Lovee.
These are my cats.
 I don't use a printer for reference photos. I have not used a printed photograph to paint from for months.
 I usually paint all over the canvas at the same time. I have never detailed one part of the scene and left the other parts unfinished.
 I had a 24"X24" piece of 1/2" MDF and a little can of black gesso. I used chalk to sketch out the figures. I usually do this with paint.
I also put Shirley's left eye and Lovee's eye at the points of the 1/3-2/3 grid points for a reference. So very methodical of me. So very not like me.
Oil on panel 24"X25"


LS Nelson said...

It's enjoyable to read about your working methods. Yes it is.

Linda said...

Hi Rick, these are beautiful!



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