Saturday, April 20, 2013

A Nag's Head Scenario (SOLD)

This is a commission I am doing for a friend, and a work in progress at that. 
 Still too much red?
 You think?
Not such good news.
My mother died a few days ago. She was 94. Rosemary. For the last 10 months she has been in a care facility in South Dakota. I have been calling her every day for the past year. Needless to say I miss her and our converstions and everything seems so sad.
 I am going to South Dakota for a while. There is still 3 feet of snow there. What's that all about?
I have been faithful and do something artistic every day. Mostly, of late, my efforts  have not satisfied me enough to post them. 
I read somewhere that painting is one thing that gets harder to do the more you know about it. If that be true, then I may be really close to mastering oil painting!
 I am still busy working on my remodel/renovation project.
Thank you all.
Oil on  canvas 60"X42'
This painting is sold.
a Nag's Head Scenario


Susan said...

Hi Rick. So sorry to hear about your mother - my condolences to you and your family. I agree that painting does get harder the more you know. I must know an awful lot because its been very hard for me lately too. Have a safe trip back and forth to South Dakota.

David J Magdalenski said...

My condolences.

Unknown said...

Rick so sorry to hear about your Mom. My husband's mom passed away just last week and Northwestern Ontario had a crazy amount of snow. We had to drive 150 miles to get our son in a raging snow storm...both ways. Have a wonderful celebration of Life for your Mom. Thinking about you


David J Magdalenski said...

My words might not mean much.. but you are a painter !!!! I hope you keep painting !!! Paint.. It's you!!



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