Sunday, February 3, 2013

Works in progress

Unremarkable as it may appear above is a birds eye view of my studio. All the wallboard has been removed and tomorrow I will tear out all of these sloped walls and replace with a standard wall section. I will gain about 200 square feet of floor space. Its gonna be great.
The painting above and in the birds eye of my office is
"Redeemed and For Sale"
Another work in progress.
Oil on canvas 24"X36"


Delilah said...

Gee Rick I hope it's air conditioned for the summer. Your up stairs and I am in the basement LOL

Susan said...

What a gigantic project - and I can't believe you are doing it yourself! When you are done, it will no doubt be a wonderful space to paint and be creative, Rick. I can't wait to see the progress! Redeemed reminds me of an old wooden boat my father once had. I recall spending many hours of my childhood scraping off barnacles so she could be repainted each season!

Susan Roux said...

Hi Rick,

How's the construction coming? How are you doing? Will we get to see picks of the finished studio? Cool table, btw. Love those legs...

LS Nelson said...

We would like a progress report please. Unless you're under a heap of debris.

Max Frames said...


I hope you're doing ok. You've been on my mind, praying for you.




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