Thursday, January 17, 2013

Figuratively Skimboarding


About This Painting:
a skimboarder waiting for the right moment
Media: oil on panel
Size: 8 in X 10 in (20.3 cm X 25.4 cm)
Price: $150 USD
How to Purchase:

Buy this painting on PayPal
Price: $150 USD plus $12 USD s/h

1 comment:

Susan Roux said...

Hi Rick. These painting are looking great. There seems to be an element of refinement that's creeping in. Funny when life's challenges get out of our control, we often turn to our art and control our brushstroke more. The same happened to me years ago. When life got crazy, spinning, my art was at its tightest. It's like we compensate or just want to be in control of SOMETHING! I like where you're taking it.

I also like your new photo. Nice to see you more clearly. You've been hiding all this handsomeness? Why?? I have to admit, I do miss the glow...



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