Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Yonder Goes Lovee

Good news everybody. An art critic wrote something nice about my work. check it out.
I have been in South Dakota for a week. Saw the drought first hand.
This is my cat, Lovee.
Oil on canvas 11"X14"

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Price: $265 USD


martinealison said...

Une jolie petite minette... Elle a envie qu'on la caresse ou qu'on la laisse chasser peut-être un papillon, un oiseau ou un petit lézard !...
Très jolie lumière.

De gros bisous et si je ne trouve pas un petit moment avant mon départ pour vous faire un coucou, sachez que je serai de retour à la mi-septembre.

Carol Reynolds said...

Congratulations ! It was a wonderful article. The painting of your cat shows lots of personality. Nice one!

Diana Moses Botkin said...

Nice critique! This painting is fun too.

Susan said...

What a great article, Rick - and I think the authors' words did justice to your wonderful work. Congratulations!
And this painting of Lovee is superb. I have a feeling she is quite the character and your brush reveals that!

David J Magdalenski said...

Good critique !! The writer sure has a plethora of adjectives at their disposal.

Susan Roux said...

Great critique Rick, but you always knew you were good, right? You've been making us laugh for years now. The squawking gull in her piece was a spectacular example of your immediate tendency to see humor and place it in your work.

I never saw squawking as much as the day my son threw half a cookie ice cream sandwich and of course the Alpha had to grab it all in one gulp. He stood in shock screaming so much. Loud and rapidly. I thought he was going to have a heart attack and die right before our eyes! It was a bit traumatic as my son was quite young at the time. Now he would eat the whole ice cream sandwich...

Note to self, never throw a rock hard ice cream sandwich to the gulls. (You'd think the brain freeze would be limited seeing the brain is so, well how do I say it, small...)



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