Thursday, April 26, 2012

Odd Man Out (SOLD)

I don't try much to get into better galleries. When I first started painting, I would pester local gallery owners with a barrage of phone calls, emails and  I would carry a few paintings with me just in case I could convince a shop owner to display my work. I was more hungry for honest critiques than money. One day I happened into a gallery that was literally within stones throw of a house I owned at the time. They even advertised as having local art. I introduced myself, told the gallery rep. that I was a painter and asked if they were interested in my work. She told me they only jury once a year and that was last month. She did agree to look at my newest paintings in the back of my car. I walked her to the parking lot and set a few of the paintings against the body of my car in the afternoon sun.
She said, "Rick, you're all over the place." My subject matter, the size of the work, and the medium I was using were as varied as was mathematically possible and  I knew instantly what she meant with her 5 word sentence. She also told me (without really telling me), that  prices in her gallery were too high to even take my stuff seriously. She said she would get back to me.
 I was. I still am.(All over the place), and now a little impatient with my progress learning to paint "Everything".  Here is my 1100th painting and as many posts and I still search out new subjects and new mediums and I have not settled into 1 or 2 sizes, as seriously artist often do.
 I don't know when I will hear from that gallery rep.
Oil on canvas 12"X36"
and just like that...this painting is sold. I liked the pinchers on these guys. Sold on Ocracoke Island.


Douglas Hoover said...

Hey Rick...
I would just say that you're consistently all over the place. You have a distinctive style that I can spot at fifty paces. When I was last at Roads End Gallery and even at Down Creek, I'd see one of your pieces and say *yep, that's gotta be a Rick Nilson* And it was.

Looking forward to the 1101st painting and beyond.


martinealison said...

Comment ne pas aimer votre peinture... et vos crabes!!! j'en suis éperdument amoureuse...
gros bisous

David J Magdalenski said...

Happy 1100th !!!! Being " ALL OVER THE PLACE " is the key to longevity. Your paintings are never boring... leaving your audience waiting to see what you paint next.

Marilyn M. King said...

I agree with Douglas, you have a very distinctive style and don't mess with it. Maybe just be more selective what you show to a gallery at one time. Check them out and customize the portfolio shown to them.
What do I know? I don't even have a gallery.



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