Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Hotdog and Petie in the Danger Zone (SOLD)

Good News Everybody.
By my specifications this is my 1000th painting and post. Had I spent 10 hours on each and every painting, I would consider myself proficient with this skill. (I am of the belief that 10,000 hours crafting a skill puts you somewhere in sight of what you can be.) I don't lie to myself and say that I have spent 10 hours in each, maybe 4 or 5.  It works out to about 250 post a year for 4 years. Thats 5 a week. I believe I see improvement in my work.  I guess I will keep doing this for a while. Honestly, I hope to paint on my dying day.
What an extraordinary life.  I love the way these gulls are just...".in your face".
Oil on canvas 6"X12"
this painting is sold.


Roger Åkesson said...

Congratulation Rick on your 1000th post. Another great painting, like the last one, this is whimsical and plays beautifully with size and perspective.

Keep up the great work

Tina Marohn said...

Good for you on your 1000th posting! I appreciate what you had to say on keeping at it. Truly inspiring and I love your whimsical work.

Marilyn M. King said...

Yeah, Rick! Congratulations on your accomplishment. Yes, you have and are growing as an artist and putting the miles on the easel is THE only way!!! I'm so happy for you and glad that you shared this happy day with us fans. Your paintings are uniquely you - not to be mistaken for anyone else's and your artistic voice comes through loud and clear (and most often funny). We love you Rick!!

Nora MacPhail said...

Congratulations! (I'm happy to have just reached 100!) And what a wonderful painting for you to celebrate it with. Fantastic imagination and really well painting. Wonderful work.
Happy Painting,

Paula said...

Your paintings put a smile on my face ! :)



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