Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My backyard

In the photo on the bottom  is my bulkhead with the front side of Irene blowing all the water out. A drop in the water level of 4 plus feet. The picture on top is my back yard after the back side of Irene brought in a thick layer of marsh grasses combined with scrap lumber and all things not nailed down. Within 2 hours the water rose almost 11'! I got 3 feet of water in my garage. At one point during the night I lifted the cover on a vent in my floor and it was full of water.  The next morning there were fish swimming in the low spots of my yard. We dodged the bullet....again.


Susan Roux said...

Welcome back. Glad you're ok.

Lee said...

I'm glad you and yours are ok. That is the most important thing. We can replace things, we can't replace people. Now you can go fishing a whole lot closer to your house!

AutumnLeaves said...

Oh boy, Rick. Just glad you and your family are safe. I'd have loved to see what your pup thought of those fish!

Debbie said...

Sigh of relief - now get ready for the next one....!

Delilah said...

Holly Molly Rick so glad you are okay



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