Thursday, November 18, 2010

Derby Day (SOLD)

I'm happy with it.

First I painted my original 20 minute horse and rider. That was kinda fun. I painted another. Then before I knew it, I had a horse race happening right here on Derby Day. This is a big canvas and I am sort of flying blind, in that I don't have a reference photo to use. I am really liking this.
more to come.

my original  20 minute sketch was indeed in vane. That horse and rider was replaced by another more to scale. I left my original rider just beyond the fence. I am aware that posting works in progress in a logical way that makes sense and is somehow allegorical is an art in itself. What that means is that the one in the middle is first, the one on the bottom is progress and the one on top is finished.
thanks for looking.
Oil on canvas 36"X36"
This painting is sold.


Marilyn M. King said...

You must have spent a lot of time drawing horses when a boy to be able to do this out of your head!!!!!! They are great, Rick and so much action. Susan had better watch out!

martinealison said...

Vous êtes un véritable Raoul Dufi...
Très bonnes toiles...

Camille LaRue Olsen said...

I second what Marilyn said. It's incredible that you're not using a reference photo?! (are you pulling our collective leg...) Anyway it's awesome, Rick.

Susan Roux said...

Wow, what an evolution! Ride-um cowboy!

Susan said...

Wonderful, Rick - action packed with tons of energy! I love it!



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