Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Farm life Waltz (no longer available)

farm life 201
Oil on canvas 20"X16"
this painting is in the Jim Nilson Private Collection.


Susan Roux said...

Nice barns. Your colors just leap off the canvas towards us! I'm very drawn to the right hand tree in this one. Your use of green with red amaze me.

We were just talking this weekend about what if paintings could give off a smell. We were looking at a very detailed painting of oriental lilies at the time when I commented that the drawback with it, was it didn't smell like the wonderfully fragrant flowers. I was told they're working on that... Huh? On the other hand, I wouldn't like this one to be scented. I don't like the smell of cow p--p...

Rick Nilson said...

au contraire my susan, cow shit smells like money, but the more I limit my pallete the easier painting seems to get. thats what we said, just before you said, "Huh?"

Susan Roux said...


Oh I won't write what's really coming to mind...



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