Friday, September 24, 2010

Five plover piping (SOLD)

Sometimes I paint all day and its a dud. Sometimes I wonder why and was it just a bad idea or have I forgotten something. Sometimes paintings paint themselves. Sometimes I don't like them, sometimes I do. I know that it is not so important if I like it or if I don't. The enjoyment for me is in the doing. I do like these little birds.
Oil on canvas 12"X9"
This painting is sold.


Susan Roux said...

Hope this is one you liked. They're so cute...

Off to a weekend workshop. Be back on Tuesday. Have a good weekend. Going to see Luka Bloom now.

Lisa Riehl said...

Love the little birds. I just want to squish them in my hands (not in a painful way, just a little hand hug).

Anonymous said...

as a newbie trying to begin expressing myself in color in paint without a clue really, it helps to hear this from you, that you who are obviously gifted have days and paintings that are duds. perhaps i wont see that as a sign a should give up. love your commentary almost as much as your art.

Rick Nilson said...

hey anon,

your words struck a note with me. If you can see the shapes, you are halfway home. If you can see the tones, you are on third. forget about the colors. I know I will die on third. It takes dedication and anybody can do it. create that is, and learn to paint. Look at me, I'm doing it. again, it just takes dedication and then........... all the air left the room.


Rick Nilson



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