Saturday, September 12, 2009

Roanoake Island Festival Park Drawing Invitational

I am in with some pretty gifted artists here. I cringe just thinking about my doodles next to these fine artists works. I was able to find Bill Nelson's website. His stuff is amazing. Click here to see it.
I decided to enter this drawing invitational with mixed emotions over mixed drinks. I wasn't sure just what I had to offer. My counselors tell me I might have PEAS* .
*(paranoid ego-maniacal artist syndrome)
I am going to follow Mike Rooney's advice on being a name dropper in my posts. Here is a list of the artists displaying work at this show. Steve Andrus, E.M. Corsa, George Cheeseman, Gary Crane, Linda Crassons, Glen Dodenhoff, Glen Eure, Micheal Farrar, Jefferson Glover, Allen Lee, Denver Lindley, Bill Nelson, (Rick Nilson), Alyse Stewart, Ben Stewart, Rick Tupper.


Roxanne Steed said...

hehe, so it worked....found your blog from Mike Rooney's blog...great work here- makes me smile! Cheers, Roxanne

Marlene said...

Rick, I loved your sketches so I bought Rodeo Shrimp and one other.



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