Saturday, June 6, 2009

My Vacation

Had a wonderful vacation in Europe. Spent some francs and a lot of euros. The train through the Alps was a must do. Switzerland needs a lot of money to pay for all the infastructure needed to deal with modern life there. I have a new respect for Hannibal and his getting elephants over those mountains. I have loaded a few pictures of the trip on flickr. Saw a lot more of Bernini's sculpture in the Villa Borghese. (The picture above) Another must see in Rome. Saw some of his paintings and scupture in the Getty in L.A. last year. WOW! Day one. Drove to Norfolk, Va. Flight to Philly. Missed flight to Zurich. Spent 24 needless hours in Philly. Off to Zurich at 6:00 Tonight. The joys of travel!


Debbie said...

Have fun and fill your head with ideas....for paintings!

Marilyn M. King said...

I hope you are in the air!! It's 6:08 EDST. You deserve a break today!

I am Tyler Nilson said...

welcome back... im sure theres some good paintings stored up in there after 10 days



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