Sunday, February 15, 2009

Shrimp Tapas

16"X6" oil on linen $100+S&H


I am Tyler Nilson said...

youve got a hankerin for shellfish.. actually come to think of it, almost all of your subjects are edible. chickens, cows, crabs, shrimp

Camille LaRue Olsen said...

I love all these shrimp with the various styles and media. Your line work is incredible especially on the rodeo shrimp!

David Gaadt's Fine Art said...

I'm really liking these oils. That wet look works well with you existing style. Whatever living creature you paint they all have much life and great gestures.

I'm wondering if you are using an acrylic grisaille? We were talking the other day about an oil one mixing in with added layers of paint unless dried first. I know you used an acrylic underpainting when you first began painting in oil. I would think that would work great for you, unless you don't need the underpainting. Did I just make any sense? lol

Rick Nilson said...


No, I do not create an acrylic underpainting. I used to sometimes, but I have not in the last round of oil paints. Your illustrations are great.

Camille, as always, "Well....thanks for noticing!"



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