Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Surf Shop Confidentials (SOLD)

and now it looks exactly like this.

a bit more in focus with blue washes over the area in shade and a little more white to define area in sunlight. The only color I have used is a mix of blue and raw umber as my black and white with the red tone of the background being my middle ground. Happy New Year. I keep telling myself something's coming..........................................

I might not paint anything else all year. still working on it.
Kevin likes my works in progress. This is the Secret Spot Surf Shop in Nag's Head, NC. I start most of my architectural paintings this way. Red toned to a middle ground tone. The remnants of my grid is still visable in the center of the painting. "Do you have dreams?"......... "Yeah, I have dreams. I dream of fire and intense heat....Don't pay any attention to my dreams."
Acrylic on canvas 12"X24" (SOLD)


Kevin said...

I like how the image starts a little vague and then comes into view, almost as if I were focusing a camera.

Debbie said...

Keep showing all the progressions. This is pretty neat.

Marilyn M. King said...

Wow Rick, your work all of December has been exceptional. Every piece has been offering the best of "Rick". Great way to start into the new year!

Wonderful painting of the surf shop.

Jennifer Young said...

Ambitious piece, and beautiful result. This painting is alive!



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